Big Data: 50 Fascinating and Free Data Sources for Data Visualization

Have you ever felt frustrated when try to look for some data on Google? Pages of relevant websites but none can fulfill your expectation? Have you ever felt that your articles are less persuasive without data support?

Let’s put this article on your favorite list, the most comprehensive guide of data sources, including General DataGovernment DataMarket Data for U.S. and China, and etc.



  • General Data 


1. World Health Organization

World Health Organization offers data and analysis on global health priorities, like world hunger, health, and disease. 


2. The Broad Institute

The Broad Institute offers a number of data sets in biology and medicine.


3. Amazon Web Service

Amazon Web Service is a cross-science cloud-based data platform concerning Chemistry, Biology, Economy, and so on. It is also an attempt to build the most comprehensive database of human genetic information and NASA’s database of satellite imagery of Earth.


4. Figshare

Figshare is a platform for sharing research results. In here, you would be able to see some amazing findings from amazing people around the globe.



Sometimes UCLA shares some of their findings in research papers.


6. UCI Machine Learning Repository

This website currently maintains 394 data sets as a service to the machine learning community


7. Github

Some cool guys built the GitHub community, sharing bunch of awesome data sets. Now the data inside is offered by everyone, and offered to everyone.


8. Pew Research Center

Pew Research Center offers its raw data from its fascinating research into American life.



  • Government Data


9. is the home of the U.S. government’s open data. You could find data, tools and resources here to conduct research, data visualization, etc.


10. US Census Bureau

US Census Bureau is a wealth of information on the lives of US citizens covering population data, geographic data and education.


11. Open Data Network

Open Data Network is an easy-searching website for you to find government related data, with nice visualization tools built-in.


12. European Union Open data portal

The European Union Open Data is for accessing a growing range of data from European Union Institution.


13. Canada Open Data

Canada Open Data enables you to get quick, easy access to the government of Canada's most requested services and information.


14. Open Government Data

This website provides visitors with great open government data from US, EU, Canada, CKAN, and more.


15. The CIA World Factbook

The World Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities.


16. is the data from the UK Government, including the British National Bibliography – metadata on all UK books and publications since 1950.


17. Health

Health Data Gov is dedicated to making high value health data more accessible to entrepreneurs, researchers, and policy makers in the hopes of better health outcomes for all. It has 125 years of US healthcare data including claim-level Medicare data, epidemiology and population statistics.



Unicef offers statistics and reports on the situation of children worldwide.


19. National Climatic Data Center

National Climatic Data Center is a huge collection of environmental, meteorological and climate data sets from the US National Climatic Data Center. The world’s largest archive of weather data.




20. Google public data includes data from world development indicators, OECD, and human development indicators, mostly related to economics data and the world.

21. Google Trends Statistics on search volume (as a proportion of total search) for any given term, since 2004.

22. Google Finance 40 years’ worth of stock market data, updated in real time.



  • Market Data

E-commerce Platforms

23. Amazon

24. Ebay

Two of the biggest E-commerce platforms in U.S., listing tons of products for customers. In the meanwhile, offers product information for marketers and researchers for analyses.


25. Yelp

Many restaurants are listed on this website, customers do reviews about restaurants and these reviews can help other customers choose which restaurants to dine. Also, restaurant information and customer reviews are extremely valuable for marketer to study.


26. Yellowpages

Yellowpages is a big brand even before we entered the Internet era. The website offers business info.


27. Cars

This website provides car info, both used cars and new cars. Also including the owner’s contacting info.



Real Estate

28. Real Estate

29. Zillow

30. Realtor

These three websites list houses, apartments that are on sales or for rent, and offers very comprehensive housing info.


31. Trip Advisor

A platform for customers to review great hotels around the world. It allows visitors to find the best hotels for vacation through reviews, and these reviews are very worthy studying if you’re in hotel industry.


32. Glassdoor

A recruiting website, listing thousands of vacant positions. Information extracted can be used for labor cost studying.


33. Linkedin

The best social media for formal communicating. Thousands of users are registered, and user profiles are quite convincing. Very useful for people try to find a job, or get some sales leads.



  • Chinese Market

As we all know, China is a market with huge potentials, so I also listed some websites to get Chinese Market Data.


Real Estate

34. (58同城)

35. (安居客)

36. (Q房网)

37. (房天下)

These websites gather comprehensive data of real estates in China. The blooming of China real estate market makes the housing price a hot spot for the society, these sites offer massive and reliable data for people doing their research about real estate in China.


E-commerce Platforms




China’s E-commerce companies supply massive products to the world, many gadgets are imported from China, and they swept over the globe, so how do China’s E-commerce platform look like? Ain’t you guys curious about?


Car Markets


China has always been a market with huge potential that every car manufacturer wants to seize. The best website for market researchers to collect data is AUTOHOME, gathers tons of data and consumer reviews, best for Chinese car market analysis.


Car Rental Market

42. www.zuche.com神州租车)


These two websites lead the China Car rental market. Collecting car usage information can help you conduct analyses relevant.


Transportation, Hotel, Travel

44. (携程网)


Extract data from these websites, you’ll be able to get the knowledge of how transportation, hotel, and travel markets are going in China.


Catering Market



The above websites are similar to Yelp, and due to the richer and richer Chinese people are getting, these sites comment quality is relatively high, because people is getting more picky.


Recruiting Websites




These websites gain thousands of undergraduate users every year, for it offering great jobs. My idea of extracting data from these sites, we can learn the market demands over certain industries.

Nowadays it's a world of information integration, data sources shown above are just the tip of the iceberg. Since we are entering the big data era, it's no more about we utilizing the data, we move forward, conversely, it's about if we don't utilize the data, we fall back. As an ancient Chinese proverb says, "He who does not advance loses ground."


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